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The new brand I-ColS (intelligent color system) was created by combining the knowledge and experiences of two SME companies – MyCol d.o.o. and Bucik d.o.o. 

The knowledge of thermochromic materials from MyCol d.o.o. (spin-off company of the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana) belongs to the world’s top in this field, which gives the whole team strong reference, great visibility and enable rapid introduction of new materials. 

Bucik d.o.o. contributes 40 years of experiences in development and production of various printed matter and graphic design, which guarantee successful transfer of new materials and intelligent inks to high-added value products for wide use.

The common trademark offers reliable implementation of unique I-ColS for each customer and assures high capacity of solving problems. The team is based on the entrepreneurship of the highest educated young professionals and the knowledge of top experts in both companies.